Accessories for Bob Beck Zappers

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smartZAP Accessories


miniZAP® electrode gel

Special electrode gel with extra high conductivity and low dropping behaviour.

miniZAP® electrode cable

Plug it into the miniZAP® and attaches to the pulse electrodes.

miniZAP® gold electrodes for Beck Zapper

Pair of gold electrodes

A Beck Zapper is as good as its electrodes!

For the effectiveness of a Beck Zapper the electrodes have almost similar importance as the zapper electronic itself. Dr. Beck purposely did not use standard electrodes, because their area is overlapping the artery.

According to Dr. Beck the contact area of the Zapper’s electrode should have the measurements of the width of the artery and not exceed a length of 3 cm, because otherwise the dissipative currents get too strong (ineffective electrification because of inferior concentration of the current).

The two miniZAP® gold electrodes at hand meet above critetia. The gold surface reduces allergic skin reactions and oxidation of the electrode by the bodie’s acidity.

miniZAP® velcro wrist band

Velcro for attaching miniZAP® and electrodes on the wrist.

smartZAP Magnetic applicator

Universal magnetic flat coil for the smartZAP with diverse application fields, e.g.: Information of nosodes Application on the body Has identical use as the so calles “zappicator”. Is connected to the power port of the smartZAP.

miniZAP® battery CR 2032 (Renata)

Standard battery type Renata CR2032 / 235 mAh – about 2 months duration at two hours daily operation wit average current of 400 µA. The Renata 3 V button cell is a Swiss made top quality brand (no no-name product).


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